Mother Juice was started by a pair of Boston born women with a shared love for farmers markets and that liquid green goodness. In the early days, we'd go to the farmers market, buy armloads of organic fruits and veggies, bring them home, toss them in our juicers and see what happened. Neither of us liked to cook so juicing seemed like the best way to get our daily dose of vitamins and nutrients. Plus, we felt like witches, in the healthiest sense of the word.

We loved what we were making and wanted to share it with our friends and neighbors. We invested in our first cold press juicer -- the Norwalk, still a beloved member of the Mother Juice fam, rented commercial kitchen space in the basement of a Unitarian church in Harvard Square and set up shop at the Union Square farmers market in Somerville. We sold our first juice in the summer of 2012 and never looked back. We left cushy jobs in finance and real estate, launched a kickstarter campaign and bought a food truck. It quickly became clear that what started as a side hustle would become our life's work.

Our food truck was not the prettiest -- a 1992 step van from Indiana, taco truck turned juice shop on wheels -- but she was our girl. With lots of help from our OG employees, friends, mentors and other food truckers, we hit the streets in the spring of 2013, bringing our organic, cold pressed juices & smoothies to communities across Massachusetts. We were overjoyed by the response we received and realized it was time for us to plant some roots. We bootstrapped our first store and opened the doors at 625 W. Kendall Street in the fall of 2014. There were some growing pains along the way but we found magic. We are forever grateful to the Kendall Square community who supported us as we learned (eh hem, still learning) what it means to run a business.

Fast forward five years and we now have locations in Kendall Square, the Boston Public Market and the Back Bay; we deliver cleanses and we cater events. Our menu has expanded to include vegetarian salads, plant-based breakfast bowls and an ever evolving array of healthy, raw treats. While we've grown up a little, not much has changed. We are still a bunch of fruit and veggie enthusiasts who love to experiment and are simply enjoying the ride. We still cold press all of our organic juices in small batches, in house, everyday. We still make everything on our menu from scratch using simple, nutritious ingredients. We still partner with New England farms and local businesses. Most importantly, our incredible team continues to be at the heart of what we do and our customers remain the reason why we do it. This eclectic group of good humans -- foodies, artists, musicians, athletes, homeopaths and students alike -- have helped us build a welcoming and inclusive environment, where customers become friends and everyone is treated with compassion and respect. We are thankful for the journey and everyone we've met along the way -- cannot wait to see where it heads next.

Peace, love and veggies <3, MoJu.