Each day of your cleanse will include six pints of our organic cold-pressed juice.
Each variety of juices gives you a balanced mixed of vitamins, nutrients and flavors!
Please email to place an order!

What comes in my cleanse?

Each day of your cleanse will include six pints of our organic cold-pressed juice. Each variety of juices gives you a balanced mixed of vitamins, nutrients and flavors.


THE OG Cleanse!

*All cleanses require 48 hours to prepare*
Our OG cleanse! This is the perfect option or all of you juicing newbies! Whether you
are looking to kickstart a healthy lifestyle, hit the reset button on your eating habits, or
undo some of those late night decisions (been there), our Refresh Cleanse will be your
new BFF. We have designed this cleanse to help you refresh your system from the
inside out and gently ease the transition. Packed with a mix of veggies, fruits and nuts,
this cleanse will leave you glowing!!

The OG Cleanse includes:
The Moju: kale, cucumber, green pepper, celery, green apple, orange & ginger
Cure: beet, carrot, celery, green apple, orange, lemon
C++: carrot, pineapple, orange, ginger
Kale Yea: kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, green apple, pineapple, mint, ginger
Unicorn Blood: beet, carrot, celery, watermelon, pineapple
Cashew Mylk: cashews, dates, vanilla, sea salt & h2o

Next Level Cleanse
*All cleanses require 48 hours to prepare*

Been there, done that. You are a habitual juicer and you've cleansed before. You want
to perform some serious maintenance on your digestive tract, well look no further, we've
got the cleanse for you. This cleanse is packed with extra dark, leafy greens & hydrating
fruits to help your digestive system rid your body of accumulated toxins. This is the
perfect seasonal cleanse for all us health nuts.

The Next Level Cleanse includes:
The Moju: kale, cucumber, green pepper, celery, green apple, orange & ginger
The Cure: beet, carrot, celery, green apple, orange, lemon
Liquid Gold: pear, apple, turmeric, ginger, lemon, black pepper
The OMG: watermelon, pineapple, lemon
The Six: kale, spinach, broccoli, cucumber, lemon, ginger
Cashew Mylk: cashews, dates, vanilla, sea salt & h2o

How do I order my cleanse?

Please email to place a cleanse order. A member of our staff will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

How much is my cleanse?

Our cleanse is $65 per day and is served in reusable glass jars. We also charge a daily deposit of $10 that is refunded to you when you return your *rinsed* cleanse jars.

When can I cleanse?

Our cleanses go out Tuesday -Friday. Please let us know which day you are hoping to start, how many days you want to cleanse, and if you're interested in pick up or delivery (additional $10 per day). We do REQUIRE at least 48 hours notice before confirming an order.

How do I get my cleanse?

If you are picking up, just let us know where you would like to pick up your juices. We suggest picking up everyday so your juices are the absolute freshest =) If you'd prefer delivery, please send along your delivery address & contact phone number. Once we have your address we can confirm if you are in our delivery range. We typically deliver between 6:30a-9a each morning of your cleanse. If you need to request a more specific delivery window, let us know and we'll do our best to make it work.

How do I play?

Once we receive your order, we will email you an invoice that you can pay online with a credit card to reserve your spot. Because we make each cleanse to order, we have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy.

Who should cleanse?

Everyone and anyone, new and experienced, can partake in our juice cleanse! Cleansing is a great way to hit the reset button on bad eating habits and gently detoxify your digestive system, from the inside out. Our juices provide the essential vitamins, nutrients and phytochemicals you need to rebuild healthy tissue. With that being said, we don't recommend juice cleanses to pregnant women, children or anyone with serious health conditions.

How long should I cleanse?

Our juice cleanses range from 1 to 5 days and the appropriate length varies from person to person. Longer cleanses provide a deeper detoxification while shorter cleanses are a great way to flood your system without vitamins and nutrients. If this is your first time cleansing, we generally recommend 2 or 3 days so that your body is able to experience the impacts of a liquid diet. You can always adjust as you go, and add additional days to your cleanse based on how your body feels.

What is the best way to prepare for a cleanse?

a. Make an extra effort to hydrate throughout your day (at least two liters/day). Drinking water helps set the stage for a smoother cleanse because it allows your cells to eliminate toxins more easily, decreases tiredness, and reduces food cravings. b. Before your cleanse, avoid the following foods: Alcohol, nicotine, caffeinated and diuretic drinks, meat & poultry, dairy & egg products, fish & seafood, sugar, refined carbs and processed foods. c. Before you cleanse, incorporate the following: steamed veggies, salads, fruits, smoothies, fresh juices, gluten free grains (i.e., quinoa and millet)

When do I drink my juices?

You will drink your first juice in the morning between 8a-9a and then one juice every 2 hours thereafter. Be sure to drink plenty of water in between juices! Warm water with lemon and herbal teas are also a great option!

Can I exercise while on a juice cleanse?

Yes, but be gentle. You're body is still getting a lot of nutrients but your caloric intake is likely lower than your usual. We recommend low impact exercise like walking or yoga -- the added effect of deep breathing to help you maximize your cleanse. Listen to your body and see how you feel. If rest is what you need when on your cleanse, take it!

What should I do if I am really hungry?

Eat! Your cleanse is intended to promote detoxification of your internal organs through a liquid diet. This gives your digestive system a chance to take a break from digesting food and work on digesting long term build in your intestinal lining. That said, if you are really hungry, you should eat! We recommend keeping it simple and consuming foods that are whole and raw. Avocados are a great way to add some healthy fats to your diet while on a cleanse. Plant based salads (no dressing) are also a great supplement. Again, listen to what your body needs!

How will I feel during my cleanse?

Cleansing has a different impact on everyone! Many people who have tried our cleanse have been surprised by how filling the juices are and how much energy they have. That said, detox symptoms are totally common and normal. These symptoms might include, headache, naseau and fatigue. The more prepared you are heading into your cleanse (i.e., eat whole foods and drink lots of water -- not beer & wine -- before you start), the better you will feel!

What should I do after my cleanse?

By the same token that you should ease your your body into a cleanse, you should also ease your way out of a cleanse. Continue to drink lots of water and keep your diet simple -- eat lots of veggies, salads, juices, smoothies, and gluten free grains!