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If you’ve been to any of our MoJu locations..

chances are high that you’ve had our vegan Taco Bowl – it’s our top-selling item! This bowl is packed with real whole ingredients like kale, black rice, black beans, walnuts, cashews, red peppers, heirloom tomatoes, avocado and more. With ingredients like those you KNOW this bowl has got to be good for you but do you know just how good it is? And that it’s good for the planet too!? Read on to find out why…

Better for you:

  1. All of the healthy fats: Fat can be given a pretty bad rap but if you ask us, FAT IS THE NEW BLACK. Healthy fats, and the fatty acids found inside them (think omega -3, -6 & -9) are an essential part of all of our body’s main functions and our Taco Bowl is chock full of them. From the walnuts in our taco “meat”, cashews in our homemade queso and the fan of sliced avocado laid over the top we have you COVERED. Fat is the key ingredient in making sure your body absorbs nutrients from food – yes that’s right, eating fat makes your favorite healthy foods even HEALTHIER because you can absorb their nutrients most optimally. Fat also helps regulate your blood sugar level keeping energy and hunger levels more consistent which helps YOU avoid energy crashes and #hangry episodes.
  2. A serving of complete protein: A common misconception is that a plant-based, vegetarian or vegan diet will leave you lacking in protein – FALSE. There are PLENTY of places to find plant-based proteins on our menu starting with the beans and rice on our taco bowl. While black beans do have protein on their own, they are an incomplete protein meaning they have only some of the 9 essential amino acids that are needed to be present in your body for things like muscle building and organ repair. But when paired with our Forbidden Rice – BAM! All 9 amino acids are accounted for and a complete protein is made. 

Better for the planet:

  1. No cows = no problem: Our homemade taco “meat” is served up as an alternative to ground beef. There’s a few reasons why cows are causing problems for our environment. One of the main ones is all of the resources they require! First off, cows are BIG and so they need BIG spaces to live.  Studies have found that the equivalent of more than five Yellowstone National Parks are cut down each year in order to clear room for industrial agriculture. Additionally, they require of a lot of resources to live and grow (think water & food) and those are resources that we could feed many, many more people with than the cow itself will eventually feed. Oh, and all that stuff about cow burps and farts being bad for the environment is TRUE. To put it a little nicer, cows emit a lot of methane and methane is a greenhouse gas that traps heat in our atmosphere which causes climate change. 

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