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Practice Self Love

It’s no surprise that this past year has been a complete doozy for us all. Everything was turned upside down and it’s so important (now more than ever) to give yourself some love and care <3 

At this point I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself – “yeah sounds great but who has time for that?!” – well I am here to tell you that self care can be VERY simple! Instead of getting overwhelmed with finding time for long workouts, an hour+ yoga class, facials, etc. adopting these 5 simple habits into your daily routine can make a huge difference in your mood, energy levels, and overall health! 

Breath – right when you wake up in the morning, find a quiet space and a comfortable position. Maybe you sit criss cross on the ground, or maybe you lie on your back grounding down into the Earth. Bring your hands to your belly and/or chest to feel your breath move through your body. Gently close the eyes and start to deepen your breath. Start your day with 5 deep inhales and exhales to center yourself. The goal of breath work (pranayama) is to strengthen the connection between your body and mind. Research shows pranayama can promote relaxation and mindfulness and also support multiple aspects of physical health, including lung function, blood pressure, and brain function.

Water we’ve all heard it before “you should drink at least X amount of ounces of water per day” – instead of getting caught up in the number of ounces, simply try to incorporate more water into your routine. First tip- right after you practice your breath work, chug about 8oz (or more) of water off the bat! This kick starts your digestion and is a great way to get some early h2o ounces. Drinking more water will increase your energy levels, aid in digestion, improve your complexion, among many more benefits. It can help to “spice up” your water with a lemon wedge or some cucumbers and mint!

Fresh Air  + Movement– ever find yourself zoned in at the computer and all of a sudden you look at the time and notice it’s past noon? SAME! Although it is important to be productive, it is also important to fuel your body and mind. Taking short breaks to take a quick walk or just a few moments to breathe some fresh air can greatly improve brain function and reduce anxiety. Just like you schedule a meeting – schedule in some time for a movement/nature break!

Screen Break – most of us find ourselves consumed with screens all day long – so this one is important! Just like scheduling a short movement break – try to take a break from all screens starting at 15-20 mins per day. Maybe you decide to read before bed, or put all screens away during your lunch break. Incorporating these small breaks can increase happiness, cultivate connection, and reduce technology cravings. 

Breath – just as you began your day with 5 deep breaths – take a minute to end your day with this mindful practice. Incorporating pranayama (breath work) into your day decreases stress levels and can improve sleep. Once you adopt this practice at the beginning and end of your day, you are more likely to take it with you throughout your day (and p.s. did you know that pranayama IS yoga?!)

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